We are looking for ideas that create disproportionate impact at our workplace, ideas that are implementable without adding super massive workload to our people who are already hard pressed for time. We are looking for people who have thought about “how to do it” not just “what to do”. And they must be original. In the end, there can only be 5 total winners across AMEA & Russia and the best of the best were chosen below. 

Congrats to all of the Wild Card winners for winning an all-expenses paid trip to Bali, Indonesia for Mindshare Huddle AMEA & Russia 2019 to present their award-winning idea!

For those who entered and did not make it, do not fret - look out for the Wild Card entries next year for your time to shine!

For his idea which is a platform that brings NGOs and media owners together with brands that want solutions for Purpose marketing. His idea was the top choice amongst the majority of judges. Abhimanyu won because his idea had been thought through in depth, has significant impact on business and society, makes our professional lives more purposeful, and helps create an ongoing (vs a one off) business model with serious scale. Well done Abhimanyu and we look forward to your session!
For M2+1 – it brings machine learning to the media operations, trafficking and billing system in HongKong that can  potentially help improve productivity, free up resource for growing our top-line, all at no extra cost. This idea is selected because it eliminates stressful and error prone manual processes, that cause staff burnout. It’s the kind of everyday automation and process engineering everyone can come up with. Fantastic idea Anson, and also let us know how we can support you in bringing this to life.
For identifying a real gap in where we can use analytics, not for client’s businesses but for our business. Roxy’s ideas is to use workforce analytics to identify everything from which processes may be causing inefficiency in the workplace; to under which managers do employees work best; to which clients are occupying our teams with the most back and forth on emails. Roxy, thank you for encouraging us to walk the talk when it comes to being data driven marketers and turn the lens on ourselves to ensure we have made the most of the data we have.
For Purple Job Finder for Tomorrow, that helps our employees become and stay relevant in a fast changing sector such as ours, and transform them to be future ready with their skills. Well done ChaoJie for shining the light on another ‘hidden under the surface’ issue that is typically a water cooler or after work conversation, and coming up with simple and scalable ideas to make a difference. Let’s make sure we bring this to life in every office.
For The Mood Flip, that brought a smile to the faces of all those judging it! May’s tips are simple, fun and practical ones that help unlock creativity at work amidst  the tension of deadlines and jobs to be done. It reminds us that we don’t always have to churn and boil the ocean to find solutions to many of the barriers we have at the workplace, and those solutions can often be simple, practical and implemented without herculean effort!


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